Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh you make me smile

Found this rather amusing :)

Sigh. The great guilt I carry with me everyday for neglecting my dogs.
Thank Tasha's lucky stars she has a boyfriend :) Oh the attention he gives to her everyday. :')

English Essay:
Among the given 5 topics that Miss Yeow had made us choose from, I have chosen number 2 (The advantages and disadvantages of blogging). Heh, I shit you not. I'm feeling kinda excited resuming writing the essay. 

Malay Karangan:
Tulis lembaran surat kepada Perdana Menteri Malaysia mengenai hasrat atau cadangan anda terhadap perpaduan kaum dan hidup bersatu. 

I am also serious when I say, this is quite exciting for me,too. I don't know why but suddenly I enjoy writing essays. Malay or English, it just gives me the freedom to write. Write,write,write. I prefer typing though. That's what I was telling Leon today.

Mel: If I could use the computer to write my essays.........

I just have one thing to say at the moment;
Bring it on. (I'm hoping that this enthusiasm lasts till end of this year :) )

This week has been pretty much a normal week for me. On Wednesday I realized my co-curricular attendance card went missing. When I found it, it was in a form of a ball. Picture a piece of paper that was once wet and has dried up and shaped into a ball. :( Yes, I carelessly threw my KRS shirt along with the card tucked so neatly in the breast pocket into the washing machine. D'oh! (hee! A Homer moment)

Came home early from school today, knowing that there are piles and piles of laundry waiting to be washed,dried and sorted out totally made me :( (Not to mention, 2 essays :) ) 

I just received a text message. Thinking it was the boyfriend, it was .........

RM 0 Berita Indo. 
Ketua Badan Narko-..... 

I only read when I'm up for it.

=/ Bummer.