Sunday, February 7, 2010

An empty future?

Sometimes we pretend something's alright until we are so blinded and forget that it was all pretend in the first place. Promises are made, but they are empty. We hope for something, but we know it very clear that that something has a higher chance of not coming true. You put faith into empty purposes.

Sometimes we think of the GOOD things to keep the BAD things out. No doubt, that IS good. But sometimes, you've to differentiate between what's fantasy and reality. Reality is getting your fingers pricked by the thorns from the rose you were about to pluck from the rose bush. The color. The feel of the petals. It seduces you. It lures you in. You suddenly forget about all your worries and you just want to pluck it. You want to hold it and hope it wouldn't have to ever die. Another worry slips away from your mind,"It WON'T die. It would still live. It will only wilt. But the soul in it will remain as beautiful as ever." You go for it. You placed all hopes,all love, all trust, all faith into THAT rose.

When suddenly the thorns, gave you a rude awakening. But that's not gonna stop you. No. Because You WANT that rose. No thorns are gonna stop you,no. You are just. That. Stubborn.


You are the shine when there is no sun,
You are my rope when I am about to fall.

I miss running my fingers through your hair and watch you smile.