Saturday, February 13, 2010

I only eat with chopsticks and use a brush to write.

For some reason, after that greeting --Or any time I say that for that matter-- I feel a little discriminant towards my own race. (somehow that's a bad thing?) I mean don't you think so? People don't say Happy New Year. They would go,"Happy CHINESE New Year." Gah! It's just kinda disturbing for me (Okay lah, only a little) that people still say Happy Chinese New Year instead of just plain and simple, Happy New Year. I mean it's understood that the Chinese people celebrate their New Year's a month later. D'you gotta still include the word CHINESE? I don't know bout you guys but whenever everyone wishes Happy Chinese New Year to one another it just sends tinges of shingles down my spine.

And you know what? It's so stereotypical of people to assume that all Chinese people have squinted eyes. My eyes. Are. HUGE. Okay? And wanna know what else is stereotyping? When people mention the word "Asian" with a snap of your fingers people instantly think small-eyes-mandarin-speaking people known as the Chinese. Lol, okay that's just funny lah. My point being, not every Chinese speak Mandarin. Not all Chinese have squinted eyes. So don't generalize things like lah. I've a New Zealand friend. He once asked what's it like eating every meal with wooden chopsticks. I told him,"I eat them with a set of fork and spoon."


Once again, I just wanna wish all of you out there a Happy New Year :)