Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm part of you indefinitely

I have been emotionally drained. I shit you not.

Hello,there. Yes I know I haven't been updating (But I don't feel one bit guilty). It's just that I'm having my 1st term examination and I've been tremendously lazy -- NOT a good combination wouldn't you agree?-- Besides, I've been contemplating whether I should give up blogging. One friend says I shouldn't, the other says "Meh, why not?". However I do enjoy blogging from time to time. (No, this isn't one of those times =[ ) Hmm, I THINK I may keep the blog and continue. Only this time, my posts wouldn't be wordsy. Just.. Pictures. 


A picture blog. Pictures pretty much sum every shit up :) Hee~! 

Wenzes! :) I'm sure you know.
I CAN'T wait you guys.