Tuesday, February 9, 2010

God has given us too many lemons.

Yet another heart-felt conversation with one of my friends. Youguysrock,lah.

I was talking to a friend of mine, Ian. I was telling him how clueless I am about my future (future being college and what courses I should take) and I was praising the fact that he got accepted to college fresh out from PMR and doing something he's passionate about. And I respected him for the fact that he's been trying to cope despite the fact that the things he's studying for are 10 times much harder than what I'm studying for SPM.

"I'm like thinking right, passion doesn't = profession."

Now the only reason he said this was cause I said,"You're lucky cause you've got something to lean on. And it's your passion.". It's like a slap across the face. All this time I'm trying to find what I'm passionate about. And I've no idea. I have this mind-set that, if I don't figure out what I wanna do by SPM, I would turn out as a loser and probably enroll college late. Graduate late while my friends would be pursuing their career. 

At this point in life, we have to make decisions. And sometimes, it's frustrating. Mind you I'm not coming up with a solution for you guys just because you are as clueless about your future as I am. I haven't found a solution for myself either. What's the point of blogging about it when there's no direction,right? It's just I thought I'd get it out there that, just because you don't know what you want to do now. Or you know you're passionate about something, but you screw things up every once in a while. Don't let it bring you down so easily. Gah! It's 12 AM. I'm feeling like a zombie. I don't even know my purpose of blogging anymore. I plant bullshit for update's sake.