Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh, for the sake of updating.

I'm into the second week of school. The schedule's absurd. The food sucks. And I still feel like a 14 year old. Have I told you it's just the second week of school? Gah! And I've been internet deprived. For the past week I've been using my mum's PDA to access the internet just to check what's up in Facebook [Nothing much only the usual,OBVIOUSLY] My Cafe World has been rated LOSER. Seriously, the ratings dropped from an 80-something to a 14.3.

I honestly feel like I've been deprived from technology. Did you also know that my phone line is currently deactivated? Oh yeah. Over text messaged. [Beware: Technology whore] On a happier note, I've friends to keep up and smiling (: All the little things you guys do that keeps me smiling. Like when Wen just randomly comes up to me and says,"Can I eat you?". Or when Ian adjusts his pencil case so I could rest my head on it when I'm feeling tired. [It's comfy! :P] Or when Leon offers me marble cake even though he knows I'm lactose intolerant. :') you guys are awesome lah.

If you've read my previous post, I've changed my eating routine. Instead of heading to school with an empty stomach I've decided to grab a bite or two before I head out. Results are awesome. I didn't crawl to the bathroom! Sure, the amount of food I consume in the morning wouldn't even fill up the tummy of a rat, let alone a human being.[Mostly Crackers. But on some days, like today, I had a decent portion of pastry. Or, at least, I try to] But I'm making progress! :) I know that sounded weird. But I'm happy okay! So be happy with me! :P

As the dean of decorator in class, I have not been very productive in class. My classroom still looks like crap. Sigh I can't believe I'm procrastinating already at the beginning of the year. I have yet to buy red cloths for the board and print out notes to fill up the board :( Though, I AM proud of my fellow decorators. They have been brainstorming and optimistic nevertheless. Aww man, I gotta get my ass working tonight. On a much,much  devastating note Modern Maths, Add Maths, a Malay summary, a book of Malay novel and English novel are waiting for me. I am, once again, being a lazy ass cow. :(

I feel like ranting. Heeee, I'm in the mood for some bullet point bullshit :)

  • School's the next best robber right after Malaysian cops. [What the hell?] Mhm! We've to pay for bullshits like passport sized pictures. Despite the fact that you already have a few copies of your own, it's compulsory for you to pay another 6 bucks to your school since they hired a photography crew to snap pictures of you because the copies that you own are junk to them.

  • I have been,somehow, optimistic and repeatedly told my friends last year that I can't wait to finished Form 4 so I could move to Form 5 and get new schedules and teachers. THAT, didn't work out so much on the teachers. I still see same faces [teachers]. *scowls*

  • I've said it already but hell I'll say it again. CANTEEN FOOD SUCKS.

  • We have been suppressed by the school to be patriotic to our school. We are to buy the school's track bottom. [There's like a HUGE ASS badge printed on the pants kayyy? And do you know how fugly it is?? :( ]

  • I hate my blog's header

I just realized I never go a day of blogging without complaining. Oh well. :)