Friday, January 15, 2010

Even Superman bleeds

She carries a burden that weighs her down to the core. She once stood tall and strong and thought to herself,"I can do this. I don't need sympathy from anyone." She walks with pride and talks with confidence. She could do it all. She was a stern pillar to us all. Until one day, she breaks down. She hit rock bottom. As I looked into her eyes, she's crying out for help. For comfort. For a pillar of her own. Her pride, a hindrance, she would refuse help-- or at least a warm hug-- because she could stand up and brush the dust off her shoulders on her own.

She's been crying for a week now. I went against my instincts,"What's wrong?". I had to break the silence. "Nothing. Never mind" she muttered. I have,yet again, discovered where I've inherited my sassy attitude from. "Come on, just tell me." I gazed upon her damp face and I noticed her chin trembling with insecurity. With fear. With hopelessness. Tears suddenly wells up in her eyes. "I'm very disappointed." I put my hand on her shoulder, pouring every single ounce of love and support in her. She feels it and cries.

I love you. Do remember that.