Friday, January 1, 2010

Hopefully the future holds some water.

And so we've closed the book on 2009 and started with a new one. Just last night I said to Dudu,"Do you remember? We were here exactly a year ago?" It's crazy how time just passed us like that.

"Omg. Now we're 16. Next thing you know it, we're 50"
-Kimmy [such a drama queen]-

Yes we've been through rough patches. We have found new friendships. We shed tears with our loved ones. I don't know about you guys, but when it was still 2009, I wished we would just jump to 2010 cause I thought '09 was such a bad year I wanted to just hit the fast forward button. Who knew, when I heard the life of the fireworks roaring, that clearly signifies we have officially welcomed 2010, I was starting to miss 2009 and wished we hadn't said goodbye just yet. Looking at Dudu while he was so consumed by the fireworks made me glance through all the mishaps we've gone through together in my head. Where, for me, it doesn't matter anymore.

And looking at my friends, smiling and going "Ooooh" and "aaaahh" a firework burst after another, just made me realized how lucky I am to have friends like them. A friend who's up as early as 8 in the morning, knowing I can talk to him about things that has been weighing me down. A friend who I instantly connected with the very first time I met her and became best friends with ever since. A friend who would definitely know how to keep me laughing. All these people made a certain significant in my life.

I may have only talk to some of you several times, but you,somehow, have brought a certain meaning to my life. And for that I am grateful. Now I'm slowly, reluctantly, opening a book that withholds my life as a 17 year old. Sigh. I AM HAPPY. But somehow I know there's a slight tinge of sorrow in me. Open this book with me people :) I am hoping the first chapter would contain my relationship with my family and working towards a better one. Fingers crossed! Open this book with me Daniel Goh. Kimberly Wan,Wen,Ian Narcis,Leon Lim. You know you're the ones that made a huge impact. Fret not if your names aren't here. You are just as important. I love you,too :) Ian,Leigh Andra,Leon,Kimmy and Daniel. Thanks for saying goodbye to '09 with me.

Good morning,2010 :)