Sunday, December 27, 2009

To a new year. Cheers :)

Didn't go bowling yesterday since I was feeling lazy :( So I went for a swim with my dad and younger brother instead and boy, swimming while it's drizzling is Aweshuummm.

So after my 8AM call from Dudu this morning, I looked up to my room ceiling and thought,"Wow, 3 days from now we would be counting down to New Year's." And it's crazy how time has manage to zip by so quickly. From the day I was contemplating between Accounts class and Sub-Science. To the day I sat with my friends planning what we should do after our finals. [Pool party! Remember Leon?? :P] And now, the time has come to bring our hangover like ass and bear the wrath of SPM; assignments [Deadline. Deadline brings stress] , more stress, long SPM talks. Ohh boyy.

Since I'm feeling lazy and all, I'll just do a short one based little things that has brought joy into my life. So here goes;

  1. Sitting next to Wen or Kim in school and tell them about my problems and crying in front of them. Knowing that they wouldn't disappoint me in times of need. :') You guys rock lah.

  2. GDO. Yes, girls day out. Trust me, I'm working on it to have more of it.

  3. Picking out lines from a comedy or a reciting a joke with Edmund. It may sound retarded, but it's something the both us found really fun to do when we're around each other. And we would laugh about it despite the fact we've laughed about it days before already :)

  4. Sitting next to my mum on her bed and talking to her about her day and my day. And it's not serious talks all the time, she would crack a joke or two or have witty comebacks just to brighten up our moods after a rough day. Guess I know where I got my humorous sense from :)

  5. Spending more time with my dad. Having parents who are separated can be a challenge at times but hell forget the bad and get on with the good. And because I live with my mum, I'm trying to balance out the time spent equally between my mum and dad. In hopes to have a stronger relationship with them.

  6. Now this one I'm not particularly proud of but... Sleeping in class. It's this contentment within myself after waking up from 2 periods of English. Hey,don't go judging. After all, it's THINGS THAT HAS MADE ME HAPPY not THINGS I'M PROUD OF :P

  7. Staring at Dudu just to get him to go,"Whhaaattt. Why are you looking at me like that forrr? Oooii." :) While trying to pull a complete pokerface, I laugh oh so terribly hard inside just to see that scrutinized look on his face. //Addition. Getting cute messages from him,too!

    If you've watched Avatar [Awesome movie by the way], you would definitely understand :)

  8. Being,somewhat,motherly towards my own mother. Trust me, it's scary some times. Sigh.

  9. Eating my greens. Mhmm! Vegetables make me happy. Especially Kailans. Baby kailans to be specific :) Fried with oyster sauce and garlic. Sigh.

  10. Passing notes to Wen when she's only sitting next to me and doodling on them with her. Oh the things we doodle on our notes, brings out the retarded-ness in us :')

  11. Guys with nice chest and shoulders.

  12. Having lunch at Chili's with my buds. That simple :)

  13. Perfecting my hand writing cause SOMEONE [mummy] has been complaining how small they are. I don't like them too either :P

Those are just a few of things that has made me happy and are continuing to keep me smiling. And it wouldn't be called little things that has made me happy this year if it wasn't for the people whom I adore. I wouldn't know how to thank everybody who has played an important role in my life.

Mum. I know some times I tend to lose my cool around you but trust me I am working on that and in hopes we would have a better mother and daughter bond between us. Dad. Though we've been through many hardships, we still have a good relationship. And it's continuing to grow into a better one,as well. Mervin&Swee Fong. Thanks for inviting me over for dinner! :P And also showing me that you can have fun also while being married. Edmund. Thank you for the relationship and femininity advice. Making sure that I could always turn to you for advices. Desmond. You've been a total pain in the ass all year round, but you've never failed to point out the fun in life. And no it's not gaming till 1AM :) Wen,Kim&Dudu. You guys have never forsaken me. You've constantly been by my side and loved me for who I am. And it's you people who are not a family member of mine who I feel comfortable opening up to. Leon. You're the only friend who never fails to fire back at me with a crude joke. And I like how our friendship runs. Depend on nothing but awesome insults. Retarded,I know. Ian. I've only recently became close to you and I feel more and more comfortable with you. You and Leon have never failed to put a smile on my face :)

I am sorry for all that I have done that hurt you. It was unintentional. And I hope you will forgive just as much as God has forgiven the rest of us and I have to you. Let's forget the bad and keep 2010 a bright and smiling year :)