Monday, January 18, 2010

Mental block

Mel: Hey! Leon said that Chris and Brandon make a good pair.
Wen: Yeah cause they're always sleeping together.

I've a mind of a degenerate loser.

Ian just introduced 9GAG to me a few minutes ago. Just so I can keep my head out of that whole FML frenzy. And I'm already loving 9GAG! :P

It's the 3rd week of school and I'm already planning a trip with my friends after SPM. I honestly do not know how I could cope with Form 5. My class is undecorated. I'm the one who's to blame,though. I haven't been taking my responsibilities seriously :( Sigh. I shall work my ass to the bones and get my Chemistry,Modern Mathematics and borders for the classroom board ALL done by TONIGHT. And I will NOT procrastinate! I will NOT let anything as silly as reading a book for pleasure get in my way! [I bought a new book. Wuthering Heights. Teehee!] Sigh, if only I kept my word an hour ago before I "heard facebook calling out to me" and blogging :(

Honestly I think I've the worst attention span in history. Or maybe I just procrastinate a lot. Both NOT good. My mind is,practically, lunging at me to get on with my work but my body's leading me astray. Sigh, I have GOT to buck up man. I feel like I'm already failing my exam when first term is months away!

Movie this weekend. Anyone? ;)