Saturday, October 10, 2009

Article: Arguments 101

Hello everyone!

I'm back again this time to bring you yet another latest update to this blog! Today's post will be written by, none other than the infamous Dudu Goh (who happens to be the owner of a very under maintained blog)

Todays post will be talking about arguments, and how they contribute to a healthy relationship. Arguments aren't actually all bad mojo like most people think they are. In fact, arguments are essential to keeping a relationship healthy and green!

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Recent studies conducted by the University of Duduland, Obamahoma, have shown that couples who experience arguments 1-2 times a month last longer and are more appreciative of each other. Of course, the couple MUST know the meaning of compromise, and eventually make up and hug and kiss.

How is all this possible, you might ask? Well, scientifically, there is no explanation. But social science has a logical explanation for this phenomenon! Here's what Dr. Doo Doo Goh has to say.

"Arguments actually produce a certain hormone called appreciatamenes and lovamenes. These hormones actually make the couples realize the importance of each other, and thus resulting in a stronger and more affectionate love after that".

With that said, remember, couples out there! The next time you're faced with a dilemma to argue or not to argue, choose to argue, and argue with your heart!

Happy arguing!

*Stay tuned to another article by Dudu Goh on next month's issue of, Brown Cow + White Cow = Chocolate Milkshake!