Friday, October 16, 2009

You're a beautiful catastrophe


Sorry about my recent absence. Was having my final term examination for 2 weeks. Heh, I only manage to resist using the Internet for 2 days. The school has decided to prolong our duration of Hell and slapped us with 2 weeks of it. I was practically dreading to wake up every morning. The exam was so horrible that it affected my first morning of Freedom.

I woke up and I started to panic cause I totally forgotten what paper I was having today. And I didn't remember studying yesterday. After 2 minutes of pure panic, I suddenly remembered..

Melissa: Haha!! Melissa, you idiot! It's the 16th today! Exam ended YESTERDAY!

I fell asleep after that. Heh, was exhausted. So yeah. That was my OMGWTF moment. Anyhooooss, I told my friends that I'm so looking forward to the holidays that I wanna spend it with them by watching movies,throwing/attending parties,having that All Sports and no bullshit outing with them.

I was working my ass off at One Utama's Skin Food
after my PMR last year, you see.
And my friends didn't do jack.
They were having fun while I was working.
They visited me during work,tho.
How sweet :')

So this year, I told them that I wouldn't be working and I'll spend my holidays by having fun with them! But whaddya know, they have decided to work this year! Wonderful! I thought I'd just take a break this yead and work NEXT year after my SPM. But NO. They wanna work. This year.

"Don't work then!" Well, it may seem that simple (to not work), but then again, who am I gonna go to the movies with? Who am I gonna throw a party and invite? Who am I gonna have that All Sports and no bullshit outing with? The only reason why I told myself I'm not getting job this year was because I wanted to SPEND TIME WITH MY BUDS.

"Work then!" Lazy laah . But oh well, if I'm gonna keep up with my lazy 'tude I won't be going far into the future. Soooo, Mel has decided to look for a job alongside Wenz,Leon&Wei Hua I've decided that I'd rather wake up early in the morning during my holiday face my boss and messed up customers with my friends than to stay at home and Facebook all day

No promises I might actually work though, I change my mind very quickly. Heee~! Once again, my friends, I have changed my blog's layout. I fell in love with this layout since I first laid eyes on it. But had to get rid of it and get a new one. Okay so I didn't really HAVE to get rid of it. I was just being a fussy pot.

Okay,okay. The last time I used this layout was a long time ago. I found out that my close bud was using it (And she's STILL using it), I've this thing about people having the same layout as I have. Don't ask, I don't know either So long as I KNOW that that person's blog's layout has been pimped out the way mine has, I'll change it. But I'm just so madly in love with this layout, that I decided I don't give a shit anymore. Hence, the pretty layout. I'm happy.

Also, I've changed the title of my blog once more. It's back to it's original title. Mel-Function. People say the title of the blog reflects the character of the author. And I think this title SO describes me. I'm ALWAYS malfunctioning! Or in my term, MEL-FUNCTIONING. Heh! Ohoh! And meet my sister, Function. No, I'm serious! Click it!

Gah! It's almost 9 now, my day goes unplanned. I SO can't wait for tomorrow. I miss hanging out with you guys Hmm, and a Caramel Cream Frap would be nice,too.