Saturday, October 3, 2009

Don't burn the bridge we've built.

Have you guys ever had this friend that you could stay up till 3AM and practically talking about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING under the moon? And you can't wait to talk to that particular person by the end of your day. Tell him how horrible or great it went.But suddenly he walks out of your life because of one bloody fugging mistake you made? Yeah, I lost that friend. I miss him. I really do. Despite the situation we were in, I thought we would be BFF's. You know what?? I've alot of best friendship issues that it's upsetting me more and more by the second!

I've this two close friends of mine,right? And they're not talking to each other. One's crying about it, and the other one's apathetic about it. It takes two hands to clap. How the hell is that gonna happen when one of you isn't responding?? I'm trying my best to help you guys. I've been persuading. Please don't let this be a damaged good. You two are my best buds. I don't like this space you guys have between the both you. It's affecting us.

Then this special friend of mine. I miss him dearly. Before I go any further, if you guys are going,"Oh Mai Gawd, she's talking about her boyfriend *rolls eyes*" I'm so not talking about my love life, you bunch'o sloths. I'm talking about the friend who would call me at 12AM and talk to me till 3AM just so I'd feel better after an awful day. THE friend who I can cry on the phone to when I'm just so angry and frustrated. THE friend who, I believe, God has truly blessed me with. And THE friend I wanna help. THE friend I wanna run to when it's stormy. Where has that friend gone? I know I've burnt a bridge we've once built together.

But now I wanna fix it. Won't you help me fix it,too? I'd still want you to pour your problems on me. I'd still want you to hear mine and we'll help each other out. Nicky, I want you to know I'm still here for you and I'm not giving up on us. We're special buds. You know that. And please don't hide from me. I don't like games. This would probably be like rubbing salt into your wounds. I'm sorry. I just don't think I can stand to watch you walk away like that.