Saturday, September 12, 2009

When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul

I feel like shit now. Totally woke up with an omgwtf mood and I haven't watched..

Everything seems to be going against me recently. It's just frustrating. Oh my god and this is the 26753326th time using the word "frustrating" this week. Cause I am! My room is in a mess. Or rather my room is the mess. I can't remember the last time I tried looking for something without yelling,"Where the hell is it?! I put it on my table just yesterday!". I can't even remember the last time I made my bed.

My friends aren't talking to each other. And it's not like they aren't close to me. They are! They're my best friend and one of my closest buddy. Can you believe it? There not even fighting. They haven't been arguing about anything but they're just not talking. Seriously you two, it really sucks to see you guys being like this. If neither of you "dare/know how to approach". The both of you pretty much got shit canned.

The All American Rejects are performing in Central Park on the 10th of October. Edmund doesn't like them and said, and I quote,"they're queers". Hui Mi's mum gave the Hell-to-the-no Look cause the concert's after the first week of our final exam. It just sucks lah.

My fifth crystal casing broke earlier this week. FIFTH. In one year. How the hell-... I need a silicon cover lah. My phone is busted and scratched up like she's been thru 1724618 rounds of cat-fights. Sigh my poor phone. Not to mention after my brother allegedly snatched my phone and thumbed too hard on the screen leaving a HUGE ASS blob in my screen. Asshole.

My pencil case is starting to lose weight. I thought I bought a lot of pens,erasers,pen refill,an elephant, an aeroplane, a pie etc etc to fill up her tummy?! This sucks lah. Everything pretty much sucked for me this week. Did I mention I'm continuing piano? SUCKS.

All in all,
Melissa wants to kill a pink elephant.

United Hillsong-Consuming Fire