Thursday, September 10, 2009

Let's run away tonight

Now why on earth would she change her layout? The pink polka dots and white background was so simple! But people, I visited one of my good friend's blog today. And found out she has the same layout as I did. So I decided to change it to something different. Yeah yeah, you guys are going,"What makes you so sure that OTHER bloggers aren't using the same layout as you're using NOW?!". Well so long as I do not stumble on my friend's blogs that have the same layout as I do I'm fine I guess. Aiyuh, I'm weird like that lah.

Mel: Go away! I don't wanna see your face!
Kwan Yang: You go away lah!
Mel: But I sat here first! So you go lah!
Kwan Yang: Just walk away..
Mel: You walk lah!
Kwan Yang: Too lazy..
Mel: I'm lazy too what! Go away!
Kwan Yang: Ian! Faster talk cock lah! *laughs*
Ian: *laughs* Thinkingg!
Mel: *Laughs*

I win lah.

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