Saturday, September 12, 2009

I've got the breath of a last cigarette on my teeth

Right after dinner I had a sudden urge to blog. I've no idea why either. I'll try to think of something along the way. Could be fun.

Desmond: How do you create a blog?
Mel: Go to lah. There's like huge sign that says "Create Blog"
Desmond: I can't! I tried that d..
Mel: You need a gmail account lah.

So yes. My baby brother, or as Edmund would call him,"The little spawn of Devil", is starting a blog of his own. Welcome to the blogging world, short stuff. Tho I vaguely remember creating a blog for you a couple'a years back. Oh well. So what's Desmond Soon's new gmail address?

Seriously lah. You are disgusting. Try picturing a turkey wearing a jock strap now. Whatever lah. Can't wait till the grand opening of your blog. Big sister's gonna spam your little chatbox till you wish you had never created a blog


I was in dire need to go for a swim or play badminton this afternoon. Sigh. I ended up watching Entourage Season 1 instead. So pathetic.

Pwned #1:

Text Message
Mel: Dad wanna play badminton today?
Dad: Girl, I would love to. But I'm not feeling well today.
Mel: It's okay. Get well soon then :)

Pwned #2:
Mel: OhMyGosh! Edmund can bring me what!
Conscience: Idiot. He's in Penang.

Pwned #3:
Text Message
Mel: Hey Nette. Wanna play badminton today?
Chanette: Hey, sorry.. I'm actually leaving for church now. Sorry

Nobody could come out to play today. Sigh. On a brighter note, it's a Sunday tomorrow. I get to crash as late as I want. I smell a Movie Marathon tonight Speaking of which, I think I'll do a Movie Marathon after the exams. Up and G-force in one day. Final Destination 4 and District 9 the next. Sounds g o o d lah.

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