Monday, September 14, 2009

Swimming through sick lullbies

Wenzes: Your hair so brown.
Melissa: Yeah, every morning I soak my hair in a pile of shit.


And what possessed Melissa Soon to say that, nobody knows. It just came out.

Anyway, about a week ago Edmund went crazy with limewire and starting downloading shit loads of songs. Guess what he's into now? Bob Marley. To those of you who are going Whaddafugshesay? Bob Marley's the dude who sang Don't Worry,Be Happy. Know that song? Know it? Know it? Familiar kan? He also sang songs like No Woman No Cry.

Yeah so anyway, Melissa's currently hooked on to Bob Marley's mellow songs. They're just so laid back and makes you kick back and relax. And it has a little optimism in it. I like it. Ohoh! And my brother also downloaded the song My Girl by The Temptations. O.M.G [aduh one of those rare bimbotic moments] I love that song lah.

I'm sleepy.

The Temptations-My Girl