Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Choking on your alibis

Consuming fire fan into flame,
A passion for Your Name,

Okay I've a thing for polka dots now and NO I do NOT wear polka dotted clothes. I just like it as my blog layout. I think it's cute and simple. I like simple Anywayyy, Melissa skipped school today. Yes she did. Why? Cause her friends skipped too. Oh my gosh, that sounded really bad.


Ohoh! Did I mention I'm having a short holiday with my Mummy and the little Devil in Penang this weekend. Hmm the last time I visited Penang I wished I had an extra stomach and I wanted to try out the jet ski Sigh, hopefully this time I get to try the jet ski mummy? Ugh! And the food at New Lane. Omg I'm so gonna binge on the porridge. They dump loads of crap in there. Like seriously lah. Clams, century egg, groundnuts, fried pigs' intestine etc. etc. Kay it only SOUNDS disgusting, but it totally tastes awesome weyh! It's like heaven in your mouth!

Err, I'm freaking myself out. Anyway, I'll feed you hungry people with pictures after my trip yeh? Hopefully this time I REMEMBER to take pictures during the trip. Otherwise I'd have to blog it out. And Melissa's known for her laziness and procrastinating Sigh.

"You're a legend when it comes to Procrastinating"
Melissa's a Legend.

On a not so relevant note, I'm officially quitting from Twitter. I'm losing my Followers by the day and I've got facebook to update my status. So Twitter isn't exactly necessary.

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