Thursday, September 10, 2009


I've been having rather a complicating week. Every thing's been so hectic. My moods been messing with me and I can't think straight. Every thing's falling at the wrong time. Of course I do turn to my friends to seek for advice and I turn to Him to seek for comfort and guidance. But I can only vent so much to my friends, it's hard to feel contented. Hence the title of today's post.

I NEED to escape. I WANT to escape. Being in a situation like this makes me feel so stressed out and frustrated. And no this isn't the "once a month" thing,okayy. I'm like dead serious. I just wish that I could just brush everything off my shoulders and walk away from everything. But I can't. Cause if I do I'd be in a whole lot more mess right now. And that's life.

No yellow smileys in today's post. Cause yellow smileys are for when I am :) and not :(
I've been trying to think positive and keep myself smiling and be happy. But somethings just can't be ignored you know? It keeps slapping you to acknowledge it and to solve it. And finals are in 3 weeks, how to smile lah?

I just need my dummy.

Ali Lohan-All The Way Around