Thursday, September 24, 2009

Knowing that I'll never hold you like I did before the storm

Okay, I would first like to sincerely apologize because I was suppose to update about my trip to Penang but I'm feeling rather lazy to type and my Engly terriber two day oh. I dunno lah. I've been lethargic for a few days already and I better snap out of it since my finals are JUST around the corner Speaking of which, I was suppose to start binging on my textbooks after my Penang trip. But as usual, I procrastinated. It's been 3 days already

Anyhoooo, I left for Penang at about 2ish. Omg lah, who knew it would be so jammed that day. It took us 6 hours to actually reach Penang's soil. Imagine that! But of course, we had piss stops lah. I was dead bored lah k. My ear phones didn't come in handy after all, since I FORGOT to charge my phone the night before the trip and I FORGOT to pack the charger along as well.

I decided to listen to some songs from my phone for about an hour and save some more cellphone juice when we leave from Penang. Which, I had failed to do so Sigh.

Had dinner with my mum's former high school classmates when we got there. Didn't really enjoy my dinner that night. After the looong journey [not to mention I was cellphone-less. Well sorta] and I was quite tired. So blah! I was uber happy when we checked into the hotel. After I unpacked my stuff and hurried to the bathroom and took a long and good shower. Hell yeah I was a happy girl!

But I only managed to sleep at 2AM. The AC was freezing my ass off. And on the first night my teddy slept in the car. I forgotten lah kayyyy. And just because I need my teddy bear with me in bed does NOT mean I am a wuss. I'm damn brave wan okay?

I headed to the beach with my mum the next morning at 7AM. Desmond had a late night too so we decided to leave him to sleep in the hotel. Gahh! By the time we woke up it was bright already. So that's why there weren't any Emo-sun-rise pictures.

Don't ask lah k. That starfruit just grabbed my attention like Whoa. The morning breeze was awesome. I wish my house would be next to beach in the future. Morning jogs by the beach,morning walks by the beach, parties at the beach sounds so awesome.

"Mel loves Du-.."
Mel: Mummy! What's for breakfast??
Short attention span lah.

My mum was giving me 5 minutes worth of Geography lesson. She actually drew Penang on the sand and marked which part of the island we were in. Then she looked up and pointed some where FAR ahead and said,"and over there should be Thailand loh". Haha! Adorable!

"You are here"

I couldn't help but noticing that I don't have my mum's features. I don't have her eyes, her nose or her smile. We look so different. Maybe I look more like my dad. Hmm. My younger brother on the other hand looks EXACTLY like my mum. Of course back when SHE was much much younger.

I've more pictures in the camera, but I'm too lazy to upload it lah. The pictures in Facebook and over here are only half of the pictures I snapped during the trip. Guess I'll upload it some other dayyyy.

Hmm, because my brother was so tired and had to skip our morning walk by the beach, I accompanied him to the beach after breakfast. It was sunnier then. Took a lot of crappy pictures. I was lazy lah.

"Love God"

Jay Sean-Down