Thursday, September 17, 2009

I fell in love with the boy in the rock show

Text Message:
Okay. God. I'm really freaked out about my thumb... =\
BAHAHAHA.. Freaky thumb!! Go get it checked
this weekend..
Yeah I just told my dad.
I'm only using my left thumb as we text! =\
Aww poor freaky thumb girl.
We'll stop texting now :)

But we didn't! I love my best friend.

Finished 4 chapters worth of Additional Mathematics shit.

So the Raya holidays have already begun since 1.15PM of this afternoon. Gosh, when you're in high school the word holiday seems immune to you after a while. There's no point calling it a holiday when you still have to binge on textbooks. So not fair!

Looking forward to the weekends

Feel free to text me this weekend. I'm not quite enthused by the amount of hours I'll be spending in the car. Hopefully I'll get my headsets tomorrow. Otherwise I'm pretty much "Shit Canned" [quoted from Norman from Yes Man]

I'm happy.

Greenday-21 Guns