Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Piano class@8.30Pm Wednesday 16.09.09



Seriously, sometimes my piano instructor gets on my nerves. Not only does she suck in English, I DO try to understand her powderful Engly sometimes but it's just hard, the way she arranges my classes are so weird! Just because my mum pays her according to the number of classes I attend [Every 4 lessons] she jams 276278412 lessons in one night. WTF? I DON'T like replacements not because I'm lazy [tho it IS one of the reasons] but simply because I don't NEED it. Hello? I'm not taking the exam anymore!

This is stupid. I feel so retarded tonight. I've 9 chapters worth of Additional Mathematics exercises to finish. YES! NINE! Okay lah, maybe that sounded a little ohmaigawddublateeeff! I just didn't finish a few questions here and there. Blah! Same difference lah kan? *smacks head* And I've to seriously start studying for my final term examination. Ooooh! If only Facebook has a study club.