Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You are fashionably sensitive

Hello world! Had a rather interesting week. Hmm, can't complain. Thank Him for blessing me with guidance during times of hardships. I'm contented. Anyway, this wouldn't be a long post. Don't have much to blog about.

I got to watch..

with Dudu. My rating 8/10. I'm proud of myself really. In during most scenes I kept my eyes opened! Err, I think so lah. Urgh! The next time Melissa Soon's going out for a movie, she'd better catch G-Force. It's been a while since I got to watch a Disney's Pixar film. Sigh.

Bleh, I feel like shit now. I'm sorry. I promise the next post would be a PROPER update. With pictures and words all balanced out Oh! Did I mention my final term examination begins on the 2nd of October? Yup,yup! So it means my "proper update" would only be published AFTER my exams. Oh the joy.

  1. I won't be going out till my exams are over. Sorry Nick Nack Pady Wack. I don't think Up will still be screening till then. Hopefully we can catch G-Force. Tho I'll make an exception for sports. [Swimming,badminton etc.]

  2. I won't be online as often till exams are over. I WILL pop by online every now and then lah. Check on Nuffy. Check my Facebook Notifications. I just won't be playing Sorority Life from breakfast till dinner.

  3. No more procrastinating. Gosh if only it was easier done than said, I'd be the Queen of the World!

  4. You people have to stop texting me. Well not completely lah. I mean don't text me so often. I need time people. And I'm not looking forward to hearing another one of my mum's infamous lectures at home. Sigh it's rather sickening,really. Oh Boy.

Think I'm gonna put a full stop to this post soon. Well there you go. 4 excruciating things I've resist until final term is over. Sigh, and after that. Red highlights baby! Nope. I ain't shitting. Red highlights.

Swing,swing,swing from the tangles of
My heart is crushed by a former love
Can you help me find a way to carry on again