Sunday, August 16, 2009

Your voice was the soundtrack of my Summer

I would wanna start off by saying Thanks to Mr Soon Beng Teik (: For driving me and hitch hiking my friend down to Sunway Pyramid when he's supposed to be in bed sleeping. Thank you,thank you. And Thanks to Ms Choo for lecturing me when I gave up looking for passes a week before the concert. [Yeah, she got the pass for me ;)] And My Goodness, thank heavens she was with me during the concert. Y'guys, Hui Mi might spend 80% of her time in school sleeping and she talks the LEAST in the group. But she had the energy of a 5 year old on Pixie Stix during the concert.


[15 August '09]

So I woke up at 7AM [Don't ask why], tossed and turned till I finally decided to hop outta bed and went online till 8ish. Took a shower then watched TV. Had to wait 2 hours for Hui Mi to get her ass to place and Edmund to wake up and shower. That 2 hours were the LONGEST 2 hours of my 16 years of life. Sigh. Left the house at 11. *grumbles* =D We got there at about 11 ish. Had Popeyes' Mashed Potatoes for Brunch! :D Best. Breakfast. Ever!

And then the queueing started. At 12ish. Sigh. Hui Mi, Hui Mi. We had to sit and stone under the scorching Sun for three and a half hours. N O T H I N G happened during that three and a half hours but waiting, waiting and more waiting. When 3.30PM came, hell broke loose. Sweaty and Hairy people starts squishing,pushing and sandwiching you just to get through the gates.

I had to pick Marion up [Yeah, she was late] from Gloria Jeans and made our way through them sweaty people all the way to the front where Hui Mi,Ian,Chong Lim,Mendy,Sharmaine and Aeren were. It was NOT easy. Ugh. So Marion and I moshed and 'slipped' our way through the front. But by then Hui Mi and the gang had already gone inside.

Mel//Marion//Security man


*pulls me*

What the hell??

Weyh girl, don't so fast lah.
*stamps arm*

Oh! *smiles*

*smiles* Ya lah.

Thanks! Bye! *waves*

Unfortunately, there aren't any pictures from my side. Basically cause it's stated in the pass that NO cameras were allowed into the premises. When I got there, there were few people camwhoring. We realized there was a banner that contained a few rules. And one of them was NO PROFESSIONAL cameras allowed. Whaddafug? Whatever. And my 2 mp phone wouldn't pump any excitement if I post it up here. There ARE a few pictures from Mendy's facebook. Just click here (:

Hui Mi, Marion and myself went Absolutely crazy when Boys Like Girls was up to perform. We were screaming. We were jumping. We were singing. We were yelling "I LOVE YOU" over and over again. We were sweating. Ew. We were rocking our hearts out like no body's business for Hoobastank. It was Teh Awesome weyh! And when AAR was up, Hui Mi and I almost died! We were screaming to the top of our lungs and jumping till we couldn't feel our legs.



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