Monday, August 17, 2009

Do you know what it's like being alone?

Mel cried while watching this,


So the holidays are starting next week. It'll last for bout 2 weeks then it's back to the hellhole *click* *bang*. 2 weeks,people, is a hellova long time. 14 days. 336 hours.20,160 minutes.1, 209, 600 seconds. Sigh. And it's always been the same EVERY holiday.

Chill with my buds at the mall. We'll grab lunch. Catch a movie. Then grab dinner.

Aiyuh! I feel so Lame. You guyyysss! Mel's getting really,really tired of planning outings which don't really need planning oredi wan. So the pool party? It's on. (: A day@Sunway Lagoon. Yeah,baby. [Extreme park & Wet Park. ATV's FTW!] Oh,oh!! And,

Okay? Okay? Okayy. Mel's happy. Heeeee.


Mel: How're you? (:
Chris: Huh? I'm okay.
Mel: H1N1, not confirmed right?
Chris: *smiles* No.
Mel: Good. Otherwise, I won't friend you.
Chris: *stops smiling*
Mel: Joooke!

If you want something and you don't know which to choose. It's alright to go to your friends for advice. But don't make decisions just cause your friends say you should pick this instead of that. Weigh out the options like an adult.

-emotions: confused, heart's broken into two-

Nine Days-Story of a Girl