Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ADV: Cenosis ; Don't try to explain your mind

Well most of you already know, that the eldest Soon sibling has already tied the knot [lawfully] with his long time girlfriend,Swee Fong. Though the ceremony would be on this October. [Sigh. I'm coming soon Thailand] And he isn't exactly Channing Tatum.

And I think I understand that it's kinda difficult for him to watch his diet. He's one those people who eat a lot when he's stressed out bout things. I don't blame him. And there WERE a few times where he tried with all his might, to go on a strict diet. That turned out.. uhm.. The results weren't as good as Channing's 6 pecs up there. But I don't think I want him looking as Fluffy as Gabriel Iglesias on his wedding day! His wife either!

And he hasn't been going to the gym regularly. But whatever! We still love you,MervinSoon! Fluffy or not! (: Oooh! Maybe you should enroll in The Biggest Loser Asia! OhMyGosh! Yeah!

Respect for these people weyh. Admiting their weight issues on TV. Lol I don't think my brother could ever do that. He's shy. [Everybody go 'awww'] You know what you need,ko? You need help. Like a weight consultant. You should try Cenosis.
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Melissa has a pass to MTV World Stage Concert.
Red Zone.
): Why.
At least I'm going.

Ashley Tisdale-Guilty Pleasure