Saturday, March 27, 2010


This post was under draft (D'oh!)
It was written on Tuesday :P

; And because Wenzes Yap has taken my beloved Black G2 pen home with her, I've been in front of my laptop for 2 hours now. 2 things I'm gonna blog about today.

This blog lacking of pictures. (Which totally contradicts the fact that this has been converted to a picture blog) My elder brother has the SD card reader along with the SD card itself inside of it. Sigh, so my camera's been left idle on my bed for a week now.

And okay I'll admit it, I'm getting really malas lah :P

Secondly, this
My aim: To create some sort of awareness among my group of friends (and hopefully the word spreads and people would do a their part of giving)
What motivated me was reading loads and loads of autobiography books. Thanks to the amount of time I spend in Kinokuniyah (the branch@KLCC) I got to read a few of the books. One of them that really made me feel absolutely sore inside was this book.

Basically it's about this 8 year old girl named Jayne who returned to England from North Ireland to be reunited with her family. Her family lived with her relatives and one of her distant cousin abused her that she had thought that her life has been flushed into this black hole of misery. Just as she thought the other side was much greener when she moved out with her family, her cousin moved out with them as well.

With her mum working on a night shift, she was being abused and even raped repeatedly by her cousin. That's not all, she grew up watching her brother,Stuart (I think it's Stuart. Kinda forgotten his name), who had protected her turned into a violent and angry man. As I read this book, every page I flipped adds another 10pounds of suspense (and a tighter twist to my stomach).

Back to the point, I created that blog to share what I've read and create some awareness. Be it small or big, so long as people would get up and do something after reading what I have had to share and now I have stopped updating the blog for a little more than 7 months now. So I was reading it again today and it gave me this indescribable feeling I had (still have) in me and suddenly....

I'm looking forward to LEO's meeting (starting in April).


Today's Saturday (27th of March)

; It's Earth hour day :)
Melissa shall participate.

The post above tells you that I go to Kinokuniya to read books while my brother attends his Science class,right? Well just last night I was thinking about the beautiful park right out side of KLCC. The place is green, it's clean and it's one of the nicest place to take pictures and that's what I'm gonna do today! :P With the help of my sister's DSLR, I'm hoping I'll snap a few awesome picture on a beautiful sunny Saturday :)