Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just keep on laughing

While I was preparing for my BBQ Party I'm having later (yes. I'm blogging before my party. It's an hour away!) I was thinking of chins. Yes... CHINS. Cute little why-the-hell-is-there-a-bulge-of-meat at the end of your face :) (If you noticed, I have a round chin. Basically I've a face shaped of a basketball :)

It all started when I was making Cheesy Wantans. My sister-in-law said "Aiyah, you got cream cheese on your fringe" and then I became a little self conscious, I proceeded mashing up the cheesy fillings and suddenly I thought,"I wonder if there's cheese on my face. Hmm. Maybe I have some on my chin." C'mon. It IS the closest thing to your hands,right? Then the thought of double chin came to my mind,"I wonder if food ever gets wedge between two chins. Like a double chin.", I thought. And from double chin I thought about a butt chin (chins shaped like butts! :P)

And so....

The Double Chin

The Butt Chin

The Square Chin

The Round Chin

The Sharp Chin

& The Almost-Non-Existing Chin
(a.k.a The Flat Chin)

Off to host the party
; Au Revoir :)