Saturday, December 19, 2009

And the clock struck 12

I'm Baaacckk ;

Millions and millions of apologies. It's not that I've been busy cause Christmas is around the corner [ZOMG, next Friday?!], it's just that I've been feeling darn lazy thinking and crunching on what to blog about. This morning I visited my blog after 187461264 days of total neglect, I realized that my last post was on the ELEVENTH OF NOVEMBER. Gah! I'm a horrible,horrible blogger. [Not as horrible as Dudu's,though.] Hence, this miserable post. Oh, the things I post for the sake of updating my blog.

On a happier note! My Brother and his wife have become Grandparents after almost 2 months of marriage. 2 boys and a girl [Everybody go 'Awwww'] So proud'a you guys :') . I'll have to remember to bring a camera when I visit them again. I'll be uploading pictures of my Grandniece and Grandnephews in Facebook. :P I'll keep you updated!