Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A little less conversation

If there's one thing I've learn about situations like these, is that you can't pick yourself up all alone. We depend on people who we love. Who returns the favor and love us heartily. And Him. Cause He has NEVER forsaken us. He has been right next to us, pouring love into our hearts. And He send these little angels from above to give us hugs. A shoulder to cry on.

You can't possibly predict that a person can pick up the pieces and move on the very next day after the break up has happened. They go through a phase everybody goes through. You'll have post-break up disease. And the symptoms are quite easy to discover really.
  • You can't eat right
  • You constantly wonder if he/she misses you.
  • You don't get a good night's rest.
  • You feel like something's inside of you and it's slowly eating you inside.
  • You constantly have a sinking feeling inside of you
And it's perfectly normal. It's a learning process. It's alright to cry. It's alright to whine. It's alright to miss someone so badly. Keep God in your heart,though. And the people who loves you more than anyone else on earth.

I must confess I have gone through it once. And the remedies aren't the best. I shall not dwell on it as I said, and I'm planning to keep my word. I've seen the people who are near and dear to my heart getting hurt. Throwing tantrums. Crying. Getting sleeping disorders. All due to heart breaks. Watching them, is like watching the reenactment of what I,myself, have gone through once upon a time.

And only if I could reach out to them and tell them how it would really turn out. But I would never get this message across to them. It's a self discovery thing. Keep this in mind,though. Your mum is always right. Now you're going through a phase where your world has just been partially crashed. But listen, with a little bit of laughter,a little bit of faith in your loved ones and it builds right up.

You've got to take a leap of faith.
Just hold on :)