Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You had me at 'Hello'

So maybe it's true, I can't live without you;

Mum and I hit the town yesterday :) And I'm telling you, Sungei Wang has a wide selection of cute outfits (not to mention affordable). Yeah so anyway, our main objectives were to get me a dress for the wedding dinner, a pair of heels each for me and my mum and a Sarong for my mum's Kebaya. That failed miserably. At least for me it did. I only manage to get a pair of peep-toe heels for the wedding dinner. My mum was happy with her Sarong and overly bedazzled heels *shows tongue*. (I also got me a casual dress and a black top *screams)

But on this lovely day, Melissa was suppose to wake up at 5.45AM and she should have been in school by now. Instead of doing so, I have decided to skip school! Cause who could possibly resist the seduction of Shopping! Yup! Since my mum and I have yet a mission to accomplish, as of last night, we have decided to hit Sunway Pyramid with the company of my aunt and her two daughters. My cousins need heels, I need a dress. It's like a tag team in this mission,no? Awesomeness. Hopefully I'll find the perfect dress today. Wish me luck! (or the worst case scenario, I'll show up with a pair of jeans and a T ;D )

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