Friday, August 7, 2009

Our love's the perfect crime

Had a massive headache, felt nauseated and my whole body was aching on Monday.
Had a fever, a headache and my body was STILL aching on Tuesday. Was pretty much in the same condition on Wednesday. Made it 3 minutes thru school and I went home cause I had a headache and I felt nauseous on Thursday.
So my week was quite sickening. Sigh. Now I'm having a cough and my nose is leaking like a broken pipe. And I was SO looking forward to the weekends! I wanted to play a round of Softball ): And watch movieesss!
Sigh. Looks like I'm gonna have to buy the DVD's and watch them at home. Sucks so bad. On a more suck-ish note, I've been online so often my eye sights are starting to fail me. Really,really fail me. My right eye's weak and my left's practically useless. Sigh. I should really get my eyes tested and get glasses. Pfsh.

Last night during dinner,

Swee Fong/Desmond/Melissa

So Jin, what did you do the whole day?

I was doing a research.

Wow. About what.

Why Dolphines have blowholes.

*laughs hysterically*
And why do Dolphines have blowholes?

Uh. I didn't have enough time to read finish.

But what did the first paragraph say?

Uh. "Why do Dolphines have blowholes"

*laughs even harder*
So from 3 until 7, that's all you did.

Hah? No lah, I did another research.
"Why do Whales have blowholes."

*laughs hysterically*

So that happened during dinner last night. The reason why my sister-in-law asked him was cause my dad was having dinner with us and usually my younger brother sits in front of the computer an average of 4 hours a day. And if my dad knew, he would get a bomb of lecture from my dad! Hence, the blowholes. Then earlier during IM.

Rare brother&sister IM conversations (:

All American Rejects-I Wanna