Friday, August 21, 2009

And I wrote your number on the 50 yard line

; A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.

Not all gentlemen are wolves.
Not all MEN are wolves.


Men cheat and lie.
They live for sex.

Another false statement that's over rated.

A lot of men need a sense of security [like most women] and they want to feel that they can trust people. completely. They love taking care of women, but to a certain extent. I think that us women drive them to a world of sex and lies. Some women take advantage of men. Attention is ONE thing women can never get enough of. But some men, love women who are demanding. Who knows what they want. On the same level they look up to women who are confident and emotionally strong [No, I don't mean overpowering]. When you run to your man with problems at the drop of a hat and be the lost puppy at every occasion, he might be all sympathetic and lend you a shoulder to cry, but it won't stay that way FOREVER.

Its good to share your problems and work together at solving it, but learn where to draw the line. Most relationships crash and burn for this reason. So the next time you can't locate the nearest ATM, don't call him, rather call your bank. Solve his ATM problem instead and see how proud you make him. As much as men love to take care of women, they love to be taken care of. From what I've experienced, intuition levels in a man is not as high as in a woman, so he can never guess what a woman wants. It would help if you tell him what's going on in your mind, rather than, "let him figure it out himself.", that, ladies, will NEVER happen and you might end up feeling miserable. However poor his intuition might be, he definitely knows when he is being controlled or manipulated. When women resort to controlling and manipulative games, men usually start blocking their feelings or hiding them. As a result, more cheating and lying.

Now I mean no malice. I'm just trying to open up your eyes a little bit about men that most of us don't know or to some of us who already know but you're just ignoring it cause you can't accept it.
Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, the argument still continues. This is perhaps the heart- beat of every relationship. Man and woman are like two straight lines, which intersect somewhere down the line. Can't do with, can't do without. Lovely piece of God's creation.

Just something I thought of sharing with you (:

No Doubt-Underneath It All