Saturday, January 23, 2010

So kiss yourself goodbye

Sigh I miss watching How I Met Your Mother. Wenzes, if you're reading this. Do remind me to pass my pen-drive to you. I really,really,really want Season 5 :(


Got home not too long ago. I'm currently in a situation where you FEEL like staying home and lazing around after a long day of traveling but instead you know you HAVE to be in school to finish up your work, or at least, get a bit of it done before it mountains up on your "to do list". DILEMMA. Thaaaaaat's right. I'm stuck in a dilemma. Hate it whenever that happens, then again who doesn't. Psch. So basically what I've to do here is weigh out the options right? List out the good and the bad and shit like that.


  • Vegetate at home. Basically what I do is.... Nothing. I could catch up on sleeeeep. Who doesn't like sleeping :( And think about it I could catch up on my homework I left piling for the last couple of days or probably finish up the border for the classroom boards. On the down side, I've to finish my homework? :(

  • Attend the annual school marathon. I thought this through. I get to see my friends. Walking with them while we talk in complete bullshit. And after the marathon, Miss Yeow has requested us 5 Kenanga students to have a little "spring cleaning session". Which is a GOOD thing,no? By then our class wouldn't look like it's been wrist deep in shit. On the down side? I'm feeling too darn lethargic. Too lazy to THINK about attending and too lazy to even attend. I wouldn't gain points for my team like that lah. Sigh, I have pledged myself to take part in anyway to gain points for my team. (of course, if it benefits me also lah) I would totally be fooling myself if I skipped tomorrow. But how? I'm lazy.

I am TOTALLY loving 9GAG :)