Monday, August 24, 2009

Now we're broken on the floor

So on Saturday my family and I had dinner at..

Mhm. And it was in Port Klang. It's far. But it was sure in hell worth getting moshed at the backseat for 30 minutes (: So the purpose of this dinner was to just have dinner! During my dad's lunch break, he goes to that restuarant with his collueges. He thought the food was great. Hence, our dinner at Perlama Restaurant (:

How nice,no? Oh did I mention that the restaurant was located by a river? So we left Pee-Jay at about 6.45PM, which was JUST nice for us to catch the beautiful sun set (: Having dinner with your family while watching the sun set has never been this

a w e s o m e

And thank goodness we got there early, cause by 8PM the restaurant started drowning with customers. So lucky us we got a very very good table (:

We got to sit right next to the boats and the river. It was hands down Pretty-ful (: Our table was tucked in a cozy corner and we even had the little sink next to our table. So it felt like we had a little private corner of our own.

Credits to Swee Fong for ordering the dishes with her chunted mandarin :P When the food arrived we settled to our seats and started gobbling down everything we could get our hands on. Everyone was chomping.




Then chomping again.

Do you see that pot of porridge up there.
Do you see it?
That porridge was the Awesome-est
porridge on this planet.
Even Goldilocks tasted this porridge and said,
"Mmm. This porridge whooped The Three Bears'

Yeah. That Awesome (:

We were stuffed like.. Stuffed Teddy Bears. oO We felt REALLY bloated. But we were Happy. As a result..

Melissa didn't really contribute much help into it,though.



Then the next day, I met up with Kimberly for that Best Friend Quality Time outing. So our initial plan was to watch 2-3 movies before heading to Hui Mi's Birthday party. So what we did was we bought ONE ticket each and then we planned to sneak into the other movies. So the first movie was The Proposal.

Kimberly is one emotional chick. So yeah, she definitely spilled a lot'a tears during the movie. So just right before the movie ended we were already panicking, thinking when we should leave the hall and head to the bathroom so we can sneak into the other movie without getting caught. But I stalled for too long.

And yeah, just as we were ready to head to the back door and make a run for the bathroom the GSC staff were already standing by the doors. D'oh! So we had no other choice but to head for the door that they've already opened at the front ): Sorry Kim!

So what could two 16 year old girls do at the mall for 3 and a half hours? We head to Chili's for lunch and hopped from one shop to another. (: We tried on heels. We tried on tops. Okay more like a top. And we tried on accessories.

Sorry for the miserable amount of pictures during this outing. Kim has this thing about posting pictures on the net. Boo you Kim! And you guys might be wondering why I took pictures of our flip flops. Well, they were of the same kind! And it wasn't planned. It just happened (: I think Kim and I share the same taste of shoes and clothes. And we can talk just about anything and everything. Maybe that's why we're so close knit.

Any of you guys experienced something fun and whacky before?
Like say maybe getting lost in the woods while camping.
Or walked around aimlessly for 2 hours in a mall.
E-mail me@

Tell me what's the funniest thing that's ever happened
with you and your best friend (:
I'll share them with my friends right here in my blog (:

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