Sunday, August 30, 2009

Don't you see baby this is perfection

I've been procrastinating all week. Sigh. I feel Uber miserable this holiday. I feel so Zombie like and lazy.

  1. I didn't have the pool party simply because I was being a lazy donkey and haven't planned things out properly. The invitations weren't done either! I'm sorry.

  2. I am sooo pathetic that I Facebook all day and succumbed to rant on my blog. Poor blog

  3. 2nd sem holiday's closing up and I haven't done any of my homework; nor anthing productive. I can't even remember the last time I felt so psyched and determined while doing my homework. Sigh.

  4. I need a hug.

  5. I can't text so much from now till mid September, I've gone pass my post paid limit. So you non-DiGi people, maaf ya I'll try getting me a Hotlink prepaid. On a non-relevant topic, I'm starting to not like texting. FML x 4

  6. My obssession for Sorority Life is beginning to grow. Sigh. Not proud of it.

  7. I haven't watched Orphan OR Up yet. Sigh, will only get to watch it next weekend. Oh Friday, please hurry!

  8. I've been feeling super lethargic all week and I haven't got enough of sleep. [Note that I sleep at 3 and wake up at 5 then fall back asleep at 6 and wake up at 8]

  9. This dude who used to go to the same school as I do back in Primary school, he got my number from my friend and starts phone-stalking me. I believe not getting my replies for a month sends a STRONG message. So you gotta stop.

  10. I wanted a new do but I never got around it. Sigh. Oh well, next Friday then.

  11. It's my Best Friend's birthday today and I'm not out trying more accessories with her at the mall Next week okay Kim?

  12. I didn't get to buy new flipflops or a pair of Wedgies this week.

  13. I was so hungry one night I made mashed potatoes [instant ] then threw it away

  14. I'm soo lame I've been talking to my friends through Facebook. Some of them were quite annoyed that I haven't been on WLM for sometime and instead I talk to them through Facebook. But I was using the laptop! I was updating it then an error occured and I never bothered fixing it since. Sorry lah, at least the Facebook chat box makes that cool "pop" sound Spoken like a true Idiot

  15. I'm gonna stop now cause I kesian you people

Now don't go all WTF with me,k? I never stated any specific category for this list. On a brighter note, my blog doesn't look like some emotional-flowery chick hurled on it. I think the layout of a blog reflects the character of the author. So yeah, I AM a happy girl.


to ..

Ze'Best Friend.
Aiyuh! Sorry lah kae?
She has something against pictures of her being
posted up in the internet.
[That sounded a little wrong]
Anyway, Happy Sweet 16th Kiwwy!
Have a great one!


The girl who doesn't feel bad for picking
on the fat kids in class.
Only one in particular actually
She's the only girl who meows, bark and howl
when she's got nothing to say.
I'm worried
Happy Sugar-coated 16th Wenzes!