Monday, August 31, 2009

ADV: G-StringsForce

Happy Merdeka people !

I wouldn't say I'm the most patriotic Malaysian.
[Who is at this age]
However, I do love Malaysia. Only because
we have Nasi Lemak and Maggi goreng


I always thought my name was horrible till I Google-d my name and found an impostor who's using my name to ruin me a girl whose name I can't stop laughing at. I'm Sorry!

Melissa Soon Shitting Shie Ting.

On a not so relevant topic, I STILL haven't watched Up [Lucky you Nick] nor have I watched Orphan yet and already there's another awesome movie called G-Force coming soon. [This is NOT happening] I've watched the trailer at it was hands down Awesome. Even just by watching the trailer I already have a favorite character Everybody! Meet..

Yeshh, the clown of the movie Even his hair do's AWESOME! Oh Gosh, this post's making me wanna watch it so badly Nuffnang better gimme them tickets otherwise I've to watch it with my twat brother. Or! You guys could catch G-force in cinemas 4th September 2009 with me! You guys could do the honors of paying for my ticket! No. Seriously

Eminem-Purple Hills